Corbin Bersen


Hey Everyone

This incredible journey of 25 Hill has finally taken us to the end of one road and beginning of another. All the time and incredible effort that went into production of the movie has paid off! We are across the nation sharing our excitement of Soap Box Derby Racing. We are on store shelves at places like Walmart, Target, Best Buy and a variety of Christian Retailers, to name only a few. We are also available at Amazon and other on line outlets. And at the end of the month we will air on INSP - a fantastic Television Network. More on that specifically in weeks to come, but for now, all involved must feel proud of what we’ve accomplished.

The 75th anniversary of the All American Soap Box Derby takes place on July 21 – and we now are part of that history and tradition. I will be in Akron to celebrate this great day and witness, once again, the thrill of the hill; that coming together of families and communities for a common purpose that speak directly to “who we are” both as Americans and a global community.

This ride has been an honor, but as I said above, we are now heading down another road, where we turn fiction into reality, and like young Trey Caldwell in our film, begin to make a difference in our real world.

I stand side by side with you in that effort!